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Indulge yourself when you visit the most breathtaking locations on the island when you join our company on one of our amazing Island Tours in Honolulu. At Go Go Shuttle, we make seeing our gorgeous island a breeze for you and your family.

When you and your fellow travelers or family members visit Honolulu, HI Hawaiian tours are a must if you want to see the most beautiful spots on the island. HI island tours in Honolulu take you along the most spectacular driving routes to see the best stretches of beaches and the island's top attractions. One of the biggest advantages of our HI island tours in Honolulu and our HI island tours in Waikiki is that we give you the opportunity to see multiple attractions for one fee. If you were to schedule transportation individually to these destinations, it would take more time and cost much more.

We believe that all visitors should experience as much of our island's beauty as possible, and island tours in Honolulu do just that. Save your transportation money for souvenirs, drinks or a nice dinner out. Our fees are low, and we keep them low by taking out groups of up to 25 people. This means that you will have an opportunity to meet other travelers from around the world and make new friends. Island tours in Honolulu are an experience you and your family will not forget.

Our drivers perform HI Hawaiian tours every day, so rest assured that they know the routes and the quickest ways to get from one destination to the next. This enables you to get the most out of your day and your money. There are many attractions to see, and most people will not have time to see all of them during one trip if they visit each one separately. However, our tours cover all of the hottest spots to ensure you see as many destinations as possible.

Our Waikiki Tours are becoming more popular all the time. Guests tell their friends about their experiences, and their satisfaction with group tours and being able to see more attractions is high.

Another bonus of booking Waikiki Tours is that you will have a free ride from and to the airport when you arrive and leave. We offer several options for booking tours. Whether you want a simple Turtle Bay Resort tour, a more private tour option for a smaller group of five or more or even a full circle tour, we have options to accommodate your preferences. Seats fill up fast, so book your tour today to save time and money.

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Take in the sights with us. We take out Honolulu tours every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday to visit the most attractive places on the island.

Waikiki Tours and Hawaii Tours

For only $65 per person, our eight-hour Hawaii tours take you to all of the hottest tourist destinations, where you will spend up to 20 minutes at each place without having to pay an arm and a leg for the experience. Our Honolulu and Waikiki tours can accommodate a group of up to 25 people at the same low price.


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Airport to Waikiki Hotel $24.00 each way, up to 2 passengers $8.00 each additional passenger
Leis Greeting $7.00 per person

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